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Fenders, or "boat bumpers" as people tend to call them, are sacrificial pads that are placed between boats or between the boat and the pier. Fenders made of manila were found on workboats and pleasure craft long before plastic was invented.
We make traditional rope fenders the way the seamen of old did. We offer sturdy fenders for your workboats and we make softer fenders out of cotton line which work well on classic runabouts with fine finishes and are aesthetically correct.

Manilla Fenders
are available with either firm or soft cores:
4"x10"  10x25cm    $39.50
4"x12"  10x30cm    $47.50
4"x14"  10x35cm    $59.50
6"x15"  15x38cm    $74.50
6"x18"  15x46cm    $99.50
8"x24"  20x61cm    171.50
All sizes are approximate.
Photo: fendermain.jpg Cotton Fenders
available with a soft core:
4"x10"  10x25cm    $39.50
4"x12"  10x30cm    $47.50
4"x14"  10x35cm    $59.50
6"x15"  15x38cm    $74.50
6"x18"  15x46cm    $99.50
8"x24"  20x61cm    $171.50
All sizes are approximate.

"How big should my fenders be?" This question leads to a series of questions about your intended use and the size of your boat. Consider the following questions before making your choice:
  • How long is your boat?
  • What type of hull shape does it have?
  • Does it have a lot of tumble home in the stern?
  • Where do you use your boat?
  • How heavy is your boat?
  • Is your moorage exposed to the weather?
  • Will you be tying to a low or high dock?
  • Will the fenders be used for show?
Your answers will guide you in your choice of size and number of fenders you are looking for. For example if you have a heavy large boat in an exposed moorage your fenders should be heavy duty. On the other hand if your boat is a classic runabout the fenders should be a soft cotton that will be in period and easier on the finish.
The bottom line is that there are as many different ways of using fenders as there are boats. Your preference and needs are the real determining factor, but if you have any doubts, we are happy to consult with you to help decide on the perfect fit for your boat.

"Will rope fenders scratch our boat"? The answer is Yes... but then again, what will not scratch your boat? While at a wooden boat show in Port Townsend WA, I spoke with the owner of a varnished wooden sailboat who was using fenders made of manila line. I asked if the manila scratched the hull? He told me that he was using rope fenders because they did not scratch his boat as much as anything else that he had tried. A rope fender will scratch your boat far less than running into a pier or another boat without the benifit of a fender for protection.

Anatomy of a Fender: Each fender comes with an eye or loop at the top. We keep the eye length around six (6) inches from the top of the fender to the inside of the eye when the eye it is pulled tight. If you wish to hang the fender from a cleat on the side of your vessel we can adjust the length of the eye at the time of manufacture to suit your needs. The usual method of hanging a fender is to splice a line to the fender eye. We call this line a "Fender Whip". This line allows you to adjust the fender height depending on your need. The usual length of line is about five (5) to seven (7) feet. We charge $12.50 per eye to splice the Fender Whips on to the fender eyes.

Custom and Bow Fenders: Fenders can be made in custom sizes to accomodate your boat's special needs. Fenders can also be made with special points of attachment or additional service or reincforcement for severe duty situations. For tugboats we also make custom bow fenders.
For more information on custom and bow fenders, please see our Customwork & Rigging page.
In the days of sailing ships mats were found on ships in several strategic locations. When the ships were provisioning along side the pier, prior to a voyage, a mat was usually spread out to land cargo on, so the cargo would not scuff the decks. The other most prominent location was at the head of the Quarterdeck ladder. Smaller mats were made to improve the footing on the ship's ladders below decks.

We make three traditional standard shapes, Ocean Plat, Prolong Mat and the Expanded True Lovers Weave. We also offer these mats in three different materials: 3/4" inch diameter Polypropylene, Manila or white Nylon. The mats are woven and the thickness will be about two times the diameter of the line that they are made out of.

Photo: mat1.jpg

Ocean Plat
12"x21" (30cm x 53cm)
Poly $59.50
Manilla $69.50

Photo: mat2.jpg
Prolong Mat
12"x27" (30cm x 68cm)
Poly $65.50
Manilla $91.50
Photo: mat3.jpg
Expanded True Lovers' Weave Mat
21"x35" (53cm x 76cm)
Poly $149.50
Manilla $189.50

To aid you in ordering the mat of your choice consider the following:
  • Where will my mat be used or displayed?
  • If the mat will be displayed in the weather consider using a synthetic fiber such as nylon of polypropylene
  • What type of foot traffic can you expect?
  • Can the door swing over the mat? How much clearance is there between the deck and the bottom of the door?

Photo: square.jpgPhoto: square.jpg

Square Knotted Mats
16'x28" (41cm x 71cm)
Manilla $99.50
Cotton $110.50
White Nyton $149.50

We also make custom mats to fit your particular installation. Please see our Customwork & Rigging page for details on custom matwork.
Chest Beckets
Photo: chest.jpgPhoto: chest.jpg A Chest Becket is a handle for a Sea Chest. They are usually decorative and very complex. The sea chests were used for storage of personnel items and clothes. They represented a man's private locker. As a result of having a great deal of time on their hands the seaman would turn out very complex chest handles for their personal chest. A Seaman's knowledge of knots determined the handles complexity. Often advice of other seamen was sought before completing the handle.

Our Beckets are made as a continuous loop that is attached to the chest with a clamp over the thin portion of the handle. Gaskets or leather washers protect the edge of the Becket from abrasion of the clamping block. Our Beckets are produced in limited quantities and are of museum quality.
Regular Chest Beckets:
$225 (set of two) Fancy Chest Beckets:
(custom order- please inquire)
. Quality Cotton Seine Twine is no longer available, therefore the beckets will be made with nylon twine Please see our How to Order page for details on placing custom orders.

Bell Lanyards
Bell Ropes adorn the clapper of the ship's bell. These ropes were distinctive and were regarded as a work of art that set the ship apart from the rest of the fleet.

Our Bell Ropes are hand crafted with fine cotton and nylon twines. They combine three Sennits that are separated with Sennit Knots and terminated with a knob knot. Bell Ropes can be made more colorful by exchanging a Sennit Knot with a Turks Head to which a colored line has been added.
The usual length of our Bell rope is six to eight inches. Bell Ropes are attached to the clapper with the included 'S' hook or seized to the clapper with sail twine. Bell Ropes make an interesting addition to any Ship's Bell.

Photo: lan1.jpg
Plain $69.50
Fancy $79.50
Photo: keyfobs.jpg
Small $15.00
Photo: keyfobs.jpg
Medium $32.50 *
Photo: keyfobs.jpg
Long $69.50 *

Key Fobs
The Key Fobs made by The Knotted Line are distinctive works of art, hand knotted with the finest cotton or Nylon seine twines, terminated with Knob Knots and with split key rings attached.Any of these key fobs would make a handsome gift for any Seafarer.

Small key fobs are about 2 inches in length and are composed of a Matthew Walker Knot and a simple Sennit.
Medium Fobs are about 4 to 5 inches long and combine 2 Sennits separated by a Matthew Walker Knot.
Long key fobs combine 3 Sennits, separated by a Matthew Walker Knot and a Diamond Sennit Knot. These hard to misplace fobs are about 6 to 7 inches in length.
Medium and long Fobs can be made fancy by exchanging the Diamond Sennit Knot with a Turks Head to which a colored thread has been added.

Photo: keyfobs.jpg To overcome that sinking feeling as the boat keys drop below the water's surface, we suggest one of our floating key fobs. The fob is made with a small cork float, held in place by two Knob Knots a at either end. The fob is about 4 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. The size is designed to float a maximum of two automotive ignition-sized keys. If the water or fuel keys are larger than the ignition key, then custom large floats should be considered. Because the floats won't fit in conventional pockets, these may require a neck lanyard.

Cork Key Fob: $28.50

* Fancy (extra section) available in medium and long sizes only:
add $10.00. Please see our How to Order page for details on placing custom orders.

Monkey's Fists
A traditional three-dimensional Knot with a funny name! This knot is usually found on the end of a heaving line that adds mass for throwing the line. The Monkey's Fist come's in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.
Photo: monkeyfistsm.jpg The knot name could have come from the Eurasian Continent and Africa. A native would drill a hole in a coconut husk and slip a knotted ball inside, the hollow husk would then be attached to something substantial. A curious monkey would happen by and rattle the husk and hear the ball. It would find the opening and stick its hand inside the husk. The Monkey would find the ball, grab it and then try to pull it out. Without letting go the monkey's fist containing the string ball was too large to be withdrawn form the husk. Most monkeys are stubborn and would not let go of the ball. Now the monkey was trapped and could not get away without letting go of the ball first- hence the name 'Monkey's Fist'.

Photo: Monkiesfists.jpg
Small (1" dia.) $15.00
Medium (2" dia.) $25.00
Large (4" dia.) $35.00
Salty Dog Belts
The Salty Dog Belt is knotted in the tradition of the old-time sailor. This hand knotted, belt would make an exceptional gift for both men and women. The belts are Square Knotted and are about 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" wide and are available in standard lengths- what is your belt size? The Belt joins with a conventional buckle. All Belts are tied with twenty-eight (28) thread line, and are firm yet resilient due to the tension in the knots. Please allow six (6) to eight (8) weeks to complete the belt.
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