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Dennis Armstrong:
Marlinspike Artist

It all started with a kid who didn't know how to tie his shoes until age five. He joined boy scouts where they attempted to teach him knots to be used around camp. This was one area he could not fathom. Evan a stint in the Navy didn't help his inability with knots. When he graduated from college he didn't have a job waiting. He and his bride of nine months had an opportunity to visit the East Coast. While there he met a Coast Guard Quartermaster who showed him how to make a Turks head.

Photo: Sailboat

With that lesson under his belt he made his bride a String Ring. As is the way of things if you don't use it you loose it. He forgot how to tie the Turks Head Knot. For their first wedding anniversary his bride gave him a book on knots two balls of twine and a fid and said here make something. With that book and others like it he continued to make things. Plant hangers were the rage at the time so he thought that he would seek his fortune making plant hangers. He soon discovered the lack of a profit margin for plant hangers. That meant back to the drawing boards for other products. This experience has led to several products that reside in the museum box.

The museum box is filled with good ideas that never seemed to make it into the product line. For instance there is the perfect skinny fender that he doesn't remember the construction details. Baskets made, of string, that were too time consuming to make into a commercial venture. One thing that is for sure He is an experience. People do track him down to share his experience. He is a walking reference on things made of rope.
Karen Armstrong: Shop Manager
Karen makes things happen. This woman is in charge. There is nothing that does not pass through her hands. We are allowed to do only what we are told to do. Photo: Toby the Cat asleep amongst knotwork fendersNot only does she build stuff, she sells stuff, bills stuff, packages stuff and sends stuff. And between times she answers the phone and talks to our pleasant customers.
Toby: Chief Watch
Guardian of humor, He is a pivotal player in our highly technical organization . He is in complete charge of inventory. If orange hair is found on the products chances are he was sleeping on the job again. He is also in charge of loose ends. He loves to track them down. 







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